Lets Get the Party Started!

SOUP is a great feel-good community event and we need your hep to make it happen.  Please see listed below some ideas of how you might help.  We are open to other suggestions not on the list too!

The Soup Host

The Soup Host covers the cost of the venue and gives the opportunity to place a banner at the event, be promoted on social media and the website.  The Venue Host will be included in the video of  the event and to have 2 minutes on stage promoting whatever they choose.

The “Soup Dragon”

This is a funding role for an individual or a group who would be prepared to “match the pot”, or back one of the 4 projects not funded by the vote. Soup Dragon is anonymous – like “Mystery Santa” on the night but can be revealed after the event in follow-up PR if desired, or kept private at the choosing of the individual or group.

Spud Buddies at Bournemouth Soup in Winton, winning £370 towards a community cafe to purchase a Spud Oven to widen their selection of food on offer .

Services in Kind – Let the Credits Roll!

Soup Maker

Provider of 100 portions of homemade vegan soup

Bread Maker

Artisan baker providing 100 portions of rustic bread to accompany the soup

Drink Providers

Artisan drink makers providing both non-alcoholic and alcoholic drinks


Music makes an ideal addition to soup events and we love our music live


Photos of the night help us spread the word and celebrate the event


Videos of pitches and general audience feedback help us to build a compelling video of the event

Graphic Artist

Producing artwork and copy for promoting the event to people in a compelling and interesting way will help us be more successful


We're not around right now. But you can send us an email and we'll get back to you, asap.


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